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New characters (Very rough and sleepy translation. I apologize in advance for any errors.) -

"A detective who crosses over into the underground society"

Name: Inagi Shin “Poison Locust” (Top Left)
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon: S&W M3913

Description: A detective sniffing around J.J.’s local area. He appears in unexpected places at unexpected times. There is a rumor he’s involved with the mafia behind the scenes…?

Name: Kokuha Kazuhiko (Top Right)
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon: New Nambu M60

Description: He works together with Inagi. He is Kiryuu’s former co-worker, and he’s concerned that Kiryuu is now King Caesar’s Second-in-Command.

Yuuroukai (lit. “Brave Wolf Group”) (Two Bottom Characters)

"Yuuroukai’s rough boss" (Bottom Left)

Name: Arakaze Jou
Nationality: Japanese with some Chinese mixed in.
Weapon: Colt Government

Description: A second generation orphaned child left behind in China, and the leader of a third generation gang of young tough guys known as Yuuroukai. He assembled a martial arts faction of problematic children who deliver punishment with their fists.

"Yuuroukai’s agressive Second-in-Command" (Bottom Right)

Name: Seto Asahi “Game Fowl”
Nationality: Japanese with some Chinese mixed in.
Weapon: 54 Traditional Pistol (Black Star)

Description: He’s Yuuroukai’s young Second-in-Command, and fighting lives deep in his blood. He is looking for a position for himself as one of the most famous guys among the foreign mafia that lives around Ryuuguu (where J.J. lives)

No info yet on the site if they will be suitors and get their own routes (they’re not in the handy dandy “seme/uke chart”), but I hope so. There is also supposed to be an article about it in Cool-B this month:


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